Payment Acquirers

The payments industry is advancing rapidly and becoming more competitive by the day. This has lead to companies having to find new and innovative ways to adapt more quickly to industry trends and automate.

As the global payments ecosystem and cross border payments industry continues to accelerate, new compliance rules are being introduced by regulators to cut down on anti-money laundering and suspicious payment activity.

Payments companies are required to be able to clearly identify who they are doing business with, who they are processing payments for and in the future who will be receiving a payment.

Why choose 123signed?

  • Predefined and customisable application questions and business rules enable instant parameter-based decisioning
  • Automatic failed application rejection: Reduces time and resources chasing unwanted merchants
  • Acquirer/PSP can set rules to ensure your sales team focus on the most desirable Merchants
  • PSPs can utilise the onboarding technology to accommodate their payment facilitator partners

123signed provides payment companies with a fully automated client onboarding solution that provides near real-time verification of corporations and individuals.

We set out to create a single automated platform for all your KYC, KYB, PEP’s, Sanctions screening, Document Verification,  Negative Media results, Credit Score or Biometrics verification.

commercial parameters

Specify your commercial parameters


Merchants are prompted to upload all required documents at the time of application.

secure application process

Completely paperless and secure application process

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