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For many Banks, the client onboarding process is time consuming, costly and typically involves several manual review processes. It also requires multiple user interfaces into numerous compliance and identification verification providers.
Client onboarding to a bank can take up an enormous amount of time, due to the amount of compliance documentation that is required to be provided. One way to smooth out this process is to make sure your clients provide all their personal or corporate information correctly in order to process their applications in a timely manner.
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Why choose 123signed?

  • Adjust your application data field instantly 
  • Clients can upload their required documents and be verified almost immediately  
  • Automated KYC, ID verification, PEP, Sanctions and Biometric checks 
123signed provides banks with an easy to use, rules based and agile platform to simplify your client onboarding.  Via our online client application form, banks can fully automate all their KYC, KYB, PEPS, Sanctions, Credit Risk, Negative Media and Biometric Verification screening.
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100% online application form

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E-signature execution of application

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