Compliance cost savings through automation

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Compliance cost savings through automation

A significant amount of current merchant onboarding processes are based on the compliance/underwriting team doing manual review of information and decisioning.

123signed has developed a fully automated merchant and consumer onboarding platform that uses 90% technology and 10% underwriting resources. 

The technology drastically streamlines the onboarding process and significantly reduces the number of compliance and underwriting staff required for application review and approval.  We provide a single integrated solution covering individual and corporate identification and verification, PEP’s, Sanctions, AML, Credit Checks, Biometric, Rick Scoring, Web Monitoring, Consolidated Reporting and Decisioning module. 

  • Gain greater oversight and controls during the merchant and consumer onboarding process
  • Significantly reduce onboarding processing times
  • Remove all manual processes and reduce human errors
  • Increase underwriting team’s satisfaction level
  • Reduce the operational size of the underwriting team and save costs

To learn more please email us at and we can explain how efficient it is to use 123signed.

To find out how 123signed can support your business, contact us here.

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