Corporate and
Consumer Onboarding

Within the ever increasing regulatory environment of the payments industry, client onboarding has become more complex and manual every day. At 123signed we have developed a full automated client onboarding platform that removes the heavy burden of compliance. With real-time corporate and personal verification checks, we look to remove any manual review processes and enable you to onboard your client quicker.


Reduced Onboarding Time

Ongoing Merchant Activity Monitoring/Processing History

Fully customisable backend dashboard enables instant application form template configuration and advanced filtering provides real-time monitoring of both merchant and consumer application form status.


Single Integration: Global Access To Data

Have all the data you need at your fingertips to make quantifiable business and risk management decisions, thanks to a single integration with access to hundreds of data sources.

123signed accesses hundreds of global KYC & KYB data sources with near real-time verification and instant application monitoring and approval logic.

Real-Time KYC & KYB Checks

Save time by fully automating the onboarding of merchants and consumers with real-time underwriting of corporations,  officers, directors, shareholders and individuals

Financial and Reputational Risk Monitoring

An advanced rules engine, along with leading-edge anti-fraud tools, will help you streamline your operations, improve your reaction times and maximise your revenues.

Turn your rejected merchants in new revenue: 123signed can assist in placing rejected merchants that fall outside your risk parameters with an alternative solution. Instead of losing time and money on a rejected application, 123signed can automatically route the clients application to another provider. If the merchant is successfully placed there, you get paid..

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