The Solution

It just works, so you can focus on making money

Using just one application, our 123signed platform meets all your onboarding and transaction monitoring requirements. The technology was developed by the market leading compliance specialists Neopay limited, who saw the need for an efficient, cost effective, tailor-made solution, all under one roof.

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Onboarding and monitoring made simple


Our compliance experts help you define your requirements.


Hosted under one single integration saving you time and money.


Start onboarding and monitoring merchants.

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Designed to meet the needs of your business

Saves you money

✔ One integration

✔ Reduced costs for checks

✔ Better deals on minimum checks - only pay for checks that you need

Makes it easier for your merchants

✔ Fully automated merchant application form, which allows you to easily manage your merchant portfolio

✔ Easy and intuitive for merchants reducing drop-out rates and speeding up onboarding times

✔ All your regulatory AML and monitoring requirements are covered in a quick and easy process for merchants

Fully automated merchant application form, which allows you to easily manage your merchant portfolio

Makes it easier for your compliance team and senior management

✔ Easy to use interface covering all your needs

✔ Reporting and management tools so you are aware what is happening within your business

✔ Single application simplifies monitoring and management

Expert support

Your 123signed partners are not just experts in our system, they are highly renowned and knowledgeable within the regulatory and payments sector.

They will work with you to help you deploy the most compliant and effective solution for your business, which does not overly impact your merchants.

Furthermore, we have additional tools which can be incorporated into your package, reducing internal compliance pressure, giving you total confidence in your compliance and AML solutions.

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Be confident in your client onboarding, monitoring and compliance

Merchant Onboarding

Makes it easier for your merchants

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Transaction Monitoring

Makes it easier to comply with AML and CTF

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Expert Support

Be confident in your compliance

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