About us

About 123signed

123signed is a fully automated merchant onboarding verification platform. Our technology has been developed by a team of compliance and regulatory industry experts within the payments, banking, insurance and GDPR industries. We understand the new and ever-changing regulatory landscape of compliance locally, globally, today and tomorrow.

Why choose 123signed?

• A fully automated client onboarding solution providing near real-time verification of personal or corporate data

• Integrated KYC, KYB, PEP, Sanctions, Credit Score, Web Monitoring, Reputational Risk and Biometric Verification

• Significantly reduce the overhead cost of in-house compliance and risk

• Reduce client turnaround times and cost of acquisition

• Reject unwanted merchants with our instant application screening

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Fully automated customer onboarding and screening

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Reduce turn around time and cost of acquisition

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Reduce overhead cost of in-house compliance and risk

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Reject unwanted clients with instant application screening