Transaction Monitoring

123signed makes it easier for your compliance team and senior management

123signed is designed to allow you to easily manage your merchant portfolio.

✔ Easy to use interface covering all your needs

✔ Reporting and management tools so you know what’s happening in your business

✔ Single application simplifies monitoring and management

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It's easy to comply with AML and CTF

123signed operates an efficient transaction monitoring system which is designed to easily differentiate between standard day-to-day transactions and those that carry a higher probability of risk.

✔ Monitor customer transactions in real time and/or on a daily basis

✔ Easily configurable rues allow you to monitor transactions for suspicious behaviour

✔ Analyse a customer’s historical information and account profile

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Be confident in your client onboarding, monitoring and compliance

Merchant Onboarding

Reduce drop-out rates and speed up merchant onboarding

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Expert Support

Get support from market leading compliance experts for payment firms

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