Customising your merchant application by industries

Merchant application
The type of information required in an application form during onboarding can vary greatly depending on the merchant’s industry. Your onboarding process should have the built-in flexibility to address the needs of your various markets and clients. 123signed enables acquirers, banks, fintech or insurance companies to create multiple customisable application forms based on your client’s[...]
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How can automated merchant onboarding enhance your remote workforce?

automated merchant onboarding can enhance your remote workforce
Is your compliance team reviewing application forms remotely? Having teams working remotely can have many benefits, however this comes with a heightened security risk and regulation implications related to storing of personal and corporate data. Having clients scanning and emailing sensitive documents in an unencrypted environment can significantly increase the risk for data loss or[...]
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Why should you automate your client onboarding process?

merchant onbording
Merchant onboarding application forms traditionally create many challenges for acquirers, including having the underwriting and sales teams constantly requesting missing documentation from your merchants. Most acquirers’ client onboarding processes are very complex and very manual, based on client history, industry vertical and location. 123signed removes the friction of merchant onboarding with our fully automated consumer[...]
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5AMLD – What it means for crypto businesses

The new 5AMLD regulations and what they mean for your crypto business. The current 5AMLD regulatory perimeter for AML/CFT controls expressly brings providers of exchange services between Fiat and Virtual currencies under enhanced EU regulations. The new rules cover both providers related to the exchange of money for cryptocurrency as well as e-wallet solutions. With[...]
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123signed is FinTECHTalents’ Fintech of the Week

In their ongoing series of Fintech interviews, FinTECHTalents named 123signed its Fintech of the Week. 123signed Managing Director, Quent Rickerby, sat down with FinTECHTalents to discuss customer onboarding, barriers to scaling and growth and the move towards a more profitable Fintech community. Watch the video now: What is holding back the banks from automated client[...]
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Automating the verification process

Verifying who you are doing business with has become more challenging. In a recent interview with FinTECHTalents, 123signed Managing Director, Quent Rickerby, discusses how 123signed was developed to fully automate the entire verification process of KYC via a simple single integration, accessing numerous global databases. What is 123signed – what problem are you solving? 123signed[...]
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