How can automated merchant onboarding enhance your remote workforce?

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automated merchant onboarding can enhance your remote workforce

Is your compliance team reviewing application forms remotely? Having teams working remotely can have many benefits, however this comes with a heightened security risk and regulation implications related to storing of personal and corporate data. Having clients scanning and emailing sensitive documents in an unencrypted environment can significantly increase the risk for data loss or possible breach.

123signed has a fully automated merchant onboarding platform that provides your merchants a completely paperless application process in a secured environment. With our online onboarding solution, you can easily see the current status of new and existing applicants. Instantly access and review which merchants have completed their application forms and which ones still have missing information and documentation.

We provide a single integrated solution covering individual and corporate identification and verification, PEP’s, Sanctions, AML, Credit Checks, Biometric, Rick Scoring, Web Monitoring and consolidated reporting.  

To learn more, email us at [email protected] and we’ll show you how easy and effective it is to use 123signed.

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