Merchant Onboarding

Makes it easier for your merchants

Our 123signed platform provides all solutions in one frame, giving you easy and efficient processes for your compliance team, senior management, and merchants.

✓ Fully automated and customisable merchant application form

✓ Easy and intuitive for merchants, reducing dropout rates and speeding up onboarding times.

✓ All your regulatory AML and monitoring requirements are covered in a quick and easy process for merchants

Makes it easier for your compliance team and senior management

123signed is designed to allow you to easily manage your merchant portfolio.

✓ Easy to use interface covering all your needs

✓ Reporting and management tools so you know what’s happening in your business

✓ Single application simplifies monitoring and management

All merchant onboarding processes are covered, including:

Global Business Verification

KYB: WEB MONITORING (Investigate Standard)

KYB: Business SiteReveal

KYB: Business SiteHistory

KYB: Business Individual AML Screening

KYB: Company Lookup

KYB: Business Compliance Documents


Global Individual Validation

Geo Check

BIN Check

Breached Email Check

Physical Address Check

Phone ID Check

Document Authentication

Document ID Manual Review

Document ID OCR Automated Review

Biometric, ID and Address Capture and Verification

Global Individual Verification

Compliance Watchlist (Sanctions, PEPS, RCAS and Adverse Media)

E-verification - IDV

Email Verification


Contract Signing

Merchant Application Form Signing

Email Verification

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