Merchant Solutions

Are you a merchant looking for card acquiring services?

Acquirers and Payment Service Providers strive to deliver efficient, client-focused solutions to their merchants. However, with new regulations and compliance rules, merchant onboarding has become a very complex process requiring detailed verification of corporate and personal data, PEPS, Sanctions, Credit Risk , biometrics, two factor authentication, negative media and many other checks that impact them providing a service that is both quick and compliant.

Why choose 123signed?

  • No need to fill in a new application form each time you engage an acquirer  
  • With our network of card acquiring partners, we’ll look to find the one that suits your business  
  • Guidance checklist that outlines your website requirements to meet card scheme rules 

The 123signed platform breaches this gap by providing a fully automated merchant onboarding service with extensive corporate and consumer data base checks across multiple jurisdictions and countries.

Our online automated application form provides Payment Service Providers with transparent details of your business, clear communication between all parties, and all relevant regulatory information required.

Merchants can create a onetime application form that can be automatically formatted to share with multiple acquirers. So there will be no need to fill in a new application form over and over again. 123signed conquers the paperwork mountain all merchants must go through for a quick and efficient onboarding process.

online portal

Upload all your business and personal documents via our simple online portal

card partners

Connections with acquirers that can support POS, E-Commerce, MOTO, bank transfer and alternative payment methods


Access to multiple acquirers via a single application form

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